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Website Design, Development, Programming, Systems Analysis, Photo Editing, Graphics

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Page Designs

Mockup, Office Tech, CSS3 and fluid layout

Saliente! Floral Design company site mock up, CSS link menu on-hover capability with color accent blocks and enlarged selection area

Orchid photograph Beth Shearon, November 2008, Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Floral arrangement photograph Beth Shearon, September 2011, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center Gala, Enid, Oklahoma.

Personal Web Hub with JavaScript and CSS3

Concise, static design with JavaScript slideshow of images. Main section has updates on the left and links on the right

Wheat View photograph by Beth Shearon, taken just west of Enid off Garriott, 2011
Photograph of Beth Shearon at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center Gala 2010, taken by CSRHC Director Andi Holland
Social media graphics from Benjamin

Entrance page, Educational Research Web Application, PHP/SQL with JQuery and CSS3
Page colors were made intentionally neutral because of the nature of the research being done

Administrative Section of the site allows selection of user number and review of corresponding entries, PHP/SQL

This site was live, and may be live again, but due to the nature of the research the URL will not be posted here.

Ivelin's Auto Body & Paint Shop design mock up with CSS3

Page design, University Men's Basketball, with CSS3

Social media graphics from Benjamin

Mock page design, Library with CSS3

Oklahoma Metaphysical Study Club

This site ran live for several years until the passing of the organization's president, and subsequent club dissolution.

Commercial Responsive and Elastic Website with CSS3 and animated JavaScript billboard

This site design was live, but got bumped for a new design

Portfolio site created with PHP, CSS3, and responsive design which fits both wide screen and mobile devices.

This site design was live, but got bumped for a new design

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