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Graphics Thumbnails

side facepalm
red pushpin
blue oil derrick and landscape
doh dude
SMD logo


proud svg

proud, 7k, part of the human unit project

side facepalm svg

side facepalm svg, 1.63k

red pushpin svg

Red pushpin svg, 881b

blue oil derrick and landscape svg

Blue oil derrick and landscape svg, 7.95k

doh dude

doh dude svg, 867b

SMD logo

SeeMe Digital logo svg, 5.35k

Prevail Strength & Fitness logo

Logo, Prevail Strength & Fitness, Oklahoma City, OK

Logo, MAR Welding
Adobe Photoshop CS6

Business card design, Sx Custom Fabrication
Airbrush art from Sx Custom Fabrication
Adobe Photoshop CS6


Examples of Graphic Designs created for the page-wide Flash Bulletin Board at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, September-November 2010
These examples are kept small due to other people's photographic work in there. They look a lot better full page-width.
Adobe Photoshop

Photographs used for the CSRHC from Mike Klemme, David Fitzgerald, and Dr. J Rufus Fears

Logo, SeeMe Digital Inc.
Corel Paintshop Pro X3

From the racing logo collection project for Sx Custom Fabrication
Adobe Photoshop CS6

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