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writer, artist, webbie, programmer

Turkey Mountain March 2022


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We Celebrate Eating Plants social service website is live and there are many linked resources there for newbie plant food explorers as well as established WPF vegans.

The mission is supporting plant eaters online and in social media to tip the scales and widen exposure, for personal health, for the animals, for the climate, for public health, for the budget, for the hungry, for our rainforests, for our waterways

whole plant foods displayed on a board

Time for the next work opportunity. Will it be social media, software development, website development, webmaster? Resumé here.

Most of my life has been volunteer work. Happy to have been able to do it. Requests always coming in. Right now let's talk paychecks.


Whole plant food no salt oil sugar WPFNSOS sounds restrictive but blossoming open a whole world of good food!

Beth walking in nature, plant power shirt on from VegFest

Spring flowers, long awaited. Discovered these on the equinox, 2022.

Congratulate me, I got off the vape and now I am off the nicotine patches as well

July 2019: ran all the labs, been doing one hundred percent plants with no animals or animals products, what am I missing? Doc says missing nothing, keep doing what you're doing. :) :)

Spring greetings 2022

Feb 2019: Load up the plants!! Fresh fruits and veggies added to the usual beans and rice. Crowding out the eggs and cheese. Energy for days

Mar 2018: Tulsa Holly Refinery Turnaround with Brock Services, 80-90 hours per week or so with every other Thursday off. Updates needed here, been busy...

... divorce was official in October, clay studio is in storage, SeeMe Digital closed.

Sprouts on the salad, lentil and mung July 2021
A Seth Reader
The Years of Rice and Salt
Ender in Exile
Double Star
Glory Road
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Earth Afire
Seth, Dreams and Projections Of Consciousness
Red Planet
The Menace from Earth
Conversations with Seth
Children of the Mind
Dreams and Projections of Consciousness
The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know
The Way Toward Health: A Seth Book
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Shadow of the Hegemon
The Hobbit
The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: A Seth Book

Jan 2017: Project Controls Admin Clerk for Brock Services at the KBR construction project for the Koch Plant

Sept 2016: Some raku prints are now available through Fine Art America

my elegant raku art

Summer 2016: My "have read" book list at goodreads is growing

How do you like that web font for the heading? It's pretty but I'm not convinced it's worth the time it takes to load

cantaloupe sticks 07-2015

7-7-15 Cantaloupe sticks!!! Because I'm a nerd like that: super-easy for snacking with one hand while typing with the other. Yes I did.

After years of drought the spring rains were sweet relief! Ripples video April 27, 2015.

St. Charles, MO 07-2014

River photo from St. Charles, MO, one stop along a five-state road trip, summer 2014. Also here's the video of Lake Michigan at Warren Dunes. Love that big water.

Picnic at the Park, Meadowlake April 6, 2014, trees are budding but the grass is still beige

Picnic at the Park, Meadowlake 04-06-2014

Happy Spring! Flowers March 25, 2014

Not mine but these were part of my morning view quite often

Donations to local nonprofits were over $30,000 for 2013, YES!!

Flowers March 25, 2014

Wedding of Steph and Greg September 2013

Photo by Debbie, left to right are Beth, Wayne, Steph, Greg, and JC

Wedding of Steph and Greg 09-27-2013

Photo with the blue blouse is from the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce November 2012 Noon Network at Enid Convention Hall

My company SeeMe Digital Inc. does [did] professional website design and development, digital graphics, and photo restoration

Beth 11-14-2012

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Cum Laude
4.0 in major, 3.84 graduation GPA
Northwestern Oklahoma State University, May 2012

Beth 5-5-2012 NWOSU Graduation Computer Science

I have a clay studio where I do [did] a dangerous process called raku, creating unique pieces of art. Here are some of my babies: Beth Shearon Fine Art Raku


Bachelor of Science in E-Commerce
4.0 in major and minor, 3.81 graduation GPA
Northwestern Oklahoma State University, July 2011

Beth 5-7-2011 NWOSU Graduation E-Commerce

The flowers link to three thousand of my photographs on Flickr

Resumé Online

Too long to read: "List Your Work History"

Flowers at the Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, Oklahoma City, OK  11-8-2008

Some of my elegant raku was featured at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center, September 2010 – September 2011. This photo (black velvet dress) is from the CSRHC 2010 Gala

Throwing together my Digital Portfolio, written with PHP and CSS3

Beth 9-16-2012

Associate in Science in General Studies, Summa Cum Laude
4.0 GPA
Northern Oklahoma College

Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 2011

Beth 4-30-2011

Open Water Scuba Diver Certification with Scuba Diving International
Northwest Oklahoma Scuba & NOC, Fall 2010

Beth 10-2010

Married in June 2000, I helped raise a couple of amazing young people who are now working and attending college

I don't watch television

I've been vegetarian since 1991

I am allergic to drama

Phillips University alumnus, 1993-1998, where I majored in Political Science and then Fine Art with a Specialty in Ceramics

I grew up in Richmond and Algonac, Michigan, and Naples, Florida

Vision for Sumari Living Arts

A bit of my writing: An Expanded Journey... Living the Awareness of Multidimensional Reality

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Example of an interesting week:
Week of November 10
Sunday went to the Legacy Awards Ceremony at the Chisholm Trail Expo Center,
Monday the Veterans Day and Vietnam Wall Dedication Ceremony at Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park,
Tuesday the Regional Tourism Conference from Red Carpet Country at the Enid Convention Hall,
Wednesday spent 13+ hours cropping pictures and other work for the Veterans Park website,
Thursday at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center to update that website and then had my open office hours at SeeMe Digital downtown,
Friday worked on the Veterans Park website at the home office then the downtown office,
Saturday worked at Sundance Wine and went to the Feed the Arts fundraiser event for Creative Arts Enid at their cool new location on Maple.