Beth Shearon

writer, artist, webbie, programmer

Turkey Mountain March 2022
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Online Resumé


The Plant Foods Advocate resumé PDF is here.

The short version Tech resumé PDF is here.

Whole Plant Foods Advocate, Advisor, Trail Guide
Vegetarian since 1991, now 33 years of experience keeping the cows off the plate, as well as the pigs, lambs, chickens, and turkeys
In 2019 began whole plant food exclusive NSOS (no salt oil sugar) high raw vegan
2020 added daily hypernourishment green smoothie and hydration practices

Three degrees and three decades of experience followed by a five year deep dive into the whole plant foods way of eating and nutrition including the
Moving Medicine Forward Master Class in Plant Based Clinical Nutrition 2020-2021

Maximum health and disease arrest & reversal self-study program following Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Brooke Goldner, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Kim Williams and others educating on the Whole Food Plant-Based WFPB or Whole Plant Food WPF transmutation of the physical body, human and microbial, which can also transform mental and emotional well-being

Way of eating and lifestyle study of classes and tutorials including how best to shop for produce and pantry, organization, selection and use of kitchen tools, spices and seasonings, foods, label reading and other dietitian tips and tricks, as well as recipes and innumerable cooking demonstrations

Created We Celebrate Eating Plants social service project starting in the summer of 2023 to widen outreach for the support and promotion of plant eaters on the web and in social media to help broaden exposure for health, animals, climate, public welfare, waterways, forests, and other natural spaces

Natural Living Advocate and Trail Guide Decades getting chemicals out of and off of the body and out of the house
Best efforts toward eco-friendly living and support, environmentally in synch
Incorporating consistent time in nature for meditation, walks, and exercise
Organic, veganic

Promotion of health, immunity, vitality, and longevity
Natural Hygiene body mind spirit community support

*these doctors have tens of thousands learning from them and are not likely to verify my study but feel free to test me


Tech Summary:

Programmer noted to have an eye for design as well as meticulous writing and coding skills. Web specialties include coding for website download speed, elastic coding, and responsive design development beyond the grid. Photography and editing proficiencies were utilized in providing images for website design and content management. A background in caregiving and customer service as well as office positions and event center management honed skills in working independently. Always learning, sharing, and volunteering, I participated in a local data science group dabbling in neural networks, Python and Anaconda, and have participated with and facilitated special interest groups via local in-person meetings as well as online international groups with topics ranging broadly including civil liberties, community assistance, the environment, alternative health, and personal development.

In 2011 and 2012 I finished three degrees, one in E-Commerce. In 2012 I launched SeeMe Digital for professional website design and development, digital graphics, and photo restoration in Enid, Oklahoma. My specialties were well-designed, speedy, and responsive custom websites with meticulous code, creating custom website graphics, and cropping and editing photographs for business and personal use, including old and damaged photo restoration. Other common work included website updates and transfers of content from one content management system to another.

Beginning in 2017 that business was closed and I took on a couple of extreme intensity projects doing construction and turnaround work with overtime to help get the ol' student loans paid down. Details later on the deep dive into whole plant food nutrition, and then the world sort of stopped with the pandemic trying to kill everybody. I spent a good deal of time then helping to take care of and accompany immunocompromised loved ones, with some intermittent nutrition learning and code review on the side. Currently open to opportunities in web & software development, social media, and other digital arts especially if they are involved with whole plant food nutrition, natural health, and longevity.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Cum Laude
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
4.0 in major, 3.84 graduation GPA
May 2012

Bachelor of Science in E-Commerce
minor in Computer Science
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
4.0 in major and minor, 3.81 graduation GPA
July 2011

Associate in Science in General Studies, Summa Cum Laude
Northern Oklahoma College
4.0 GPA
May 2011


Major in Fine Art with a Specialty in Ceramics, August 1996 – May 1998 (when closed)
Phillips University

Major in Political Science, August 1993 – December 1994
Phillips University

Psychology, Art History, 1988, 1991
Edison Community College, Naples, Florida

Activities and Societies at uni: Red Peppers Social Service Club, PURE environmental club, Tongue and Quill writers’ club, Umbrella Coalition social service, Rainbow LGB and friends support club. Worked as Gantz Manager at Phillips (Gantz was the student and event center)

Work Experience

Turnaround Office Assistant, July 2017 – July 2019
Brock Services, LLC
HollyFrontier Refinery, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Admin Clerk, Project Controls, Document Controls, Jan 2017 – July 2017
Brock Services, LLC
KBR Construction at the Koch Plant, Enid, Oklahoma

Owner/Operator March 2012 – 2017
SeeMe Digital Inc. (site still up for portfolio)
Enid, Oklahoma

Website Management, contract, August 2012 – March 2016
Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center
Enid, Oklahoma

Customer Service Associate, December 2011 – May 2015
Sundance Wine & Spirits
Enid, Oklahoma

Summer Website Intern, June 2011 – July 2011
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
Dr. Jerry Gustafson

Website and Social Media Intern, July 2010 – June 2011
Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center
Enid, Oklahoma

Artist: hand made, one of a kind, elegant and refined raku, 2003 – 2007
Owner/Operator Beth Shearon Fine Art
Private studio
Enid, Oklahoma

Pottery and Clay Art Teacher, 1999 – 2002
LASA Summer Arts and Sciences Academy
Enid, Oklahoma

Pottery and Clay Art Teacher, Pottery Lab Manager 1998 – 2002
Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse
Enid, Oklahoma

Gantz Student and Event Center Manager, 1995 – 1998
Phillips University
Enid, Oklahoma

Sales Representative, 1994
United American Advertising
Enid, Oklahoma

Owner/Operator, 1990 – 1993
Amber Cleaning Services
Naples, Florida & Surrounding Area

Office, Cleaning, Sales, and Customer Service, 1987 – 1990
Various, Naples, Florida

Caregiver for Developmentally Disabled, 1985 – 1986
Client Home Care, Naples, Florida

Brief Background:

General Work:

Strong training and experience in caregiving, customer service, sales, and various office positions began in 1985 and continued over many years. Event center management included handling keys and schedules, verifying rooms were set up and ready for patrons, monitoring the facility and events, and calling security when necessary. Almost all positions required the ability to work independently as well as responsibility for the safety of lives and/or property. Spanish skills are extremely rusty but could be revived if useful.

The Web:

Designing websites and hand-coding HTML on and off since 1995, an eye for design as well as meticulous writing and coding are recognized skills. Specialties include website speed, coding elastically, and responsive development beyond the grid. A favorite project was the design and development of the custom responsive website for Woodring Wall of Honor and Veterans Park, Inc. (2013). Since then there has been further involvement with speed optimization and multiple image assets, offering better resources both for mobile as well as retina and higher definition displays.


The majority of time outside of work and formal schooling has been spent intensively learning, as well as participating with and facilitating special interest groups both online and in person. Classes and workshops were attended and given for art, science, and culture. Socially networking before that was an internet term, local and international groups have also been for study, service, events, and experience, with topics ranging broadly including civil liberties, community assistance, the environment, writing, alternative health, and personal development.

Groups and Associations:

Honors and Certificates:

Moving Medicine Forward Master Class in Plant-Based Clinical Nutrition July 2021

Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 2011

President's Honor Roll every semester at Northwestern Oklahoma State University NWOSU

Highest honors from Northern Oklahoma College

Open Water Scuba Diving certification with Scuba Diving International, October 2010



Education Detail:

Education and Training at Northwestern Oklahoma State University:

E-Commerce and Web Programming:

Introduction to E-Commerce, Web Programming I and II, Telecommunications, Website Design and Development, Digital Photography, JavaScript programming, SQL Programming, HTML, CSS, PHP Programming, AJAX Programming, Graphic Development Tools, Website Coding Development Tools, Advanced E-Marketing Applications, ASP.NET Programming, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Content Management Systems, Internships (2)

Computer Science and Computer Programming:

Programming Concepts, Computer Programming I and II, Visual Basic.NET, Networking Essentials, Database Management Systems, Java Programming, Network Server I, COBOL Programming, Computer Organization, C#.NET Programming, Advanced C#.NET Programming, Graphical User Interface Programming, Systems Analysis and Design, Advanced Programming, Database Management Systems Design, Operating Systems and Computer Architecture, Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, C++ Programming, NetBeans, Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, Microsoft Access, Oracle

Marketing, Leadership, and Other:

Leadership Strategies in Fundraising and Grant Writing, Principles of Marketing, Personal Finance, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing Communications

Entrepreneurial Seminar: Achieving the American Dream through Leadership, Perseverance and Determination, with Retired Army General Tommy Franks (2012)


The Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Energy behind Enterprising Societies, with Dr. Tony Woodlief, vice-president for academic programs at the Market-Based Management Institute, and Larry Robertson, award winning author of the book, A Deliberate Pause: Entrepreneurship and its Moment in Human Progress (2011)

Entrepreneurial Seminar: Leadership Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs, with Senator Tom Coburn and Dr. Ernesto Sirolli of The Sirolli Institute, international sustainable economic development specialist, "The Trinity of Management" and "Entrepreneurism Today" (2013)

Education and Training at Northern Oklahoma College:

Earth Science, Biology, English Composition II, Scuba Diving, Statistics

Education and Training at Phillips University:

Interpersonal Communications, U.S. History Since 1877, U.S. National Government, World Civilization, College Algebra, Introduction to Political Science, American Political Parties and Politics, Principles of Constitutional Law, International Organization, Introduction to Christianity, Concepts of Math, Introduction to Computing Science, Aerobics, Introduction to Language, European Literature, Calligraphy, Spanish I and II, Ceramics I, II, III, Raku

For more information and a much less brief background see List Your Work History.