The Dark and the Light

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The Dark and the Light

Postby Beth » Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:41 pm


The Dark and the Light

Integrating the Shadow?

There was a recent post about an epic battle of the heavens-- or of higher dimensions/ densities (same thing) and talk about a profound story of the dark serving the light because of so and so, such and such, and it occurred to me once again that we have the option of bringing all of these stories home and putting them to practical, physical use in the now moment.

Of Course darkness serves the light-- we can't HAVE light without darkness, they are two sides of the same coin. It is one whole, one idea, expressed in polarity. Push away either and we have no whole. We're familiar by now of the saying resistance equals persistence. When we have resistance against what we consider to be darkness, that's resistance. Seems obvious, but is it?

How many ways have we heard this:

Acknowledge it, invite it in, accept it, integrate it, and it won't have to be projected out all over the place trying to get our attention.

Own it, and transform it.

We do not get rid of anything, we transform it.

Keep pushing away the unconscious, the "dark side", and it keeps growing, until accepted and integrated.

I am that also.

That doesn't mean that I have to behave "evilly" or volunteer for the sorts of things in my experience that I don't prefer. It means I have the power of choice. We are all of it-- what we choose to do with it is up to us. Without the whole, there is no power. If we keep denying our own "dark side", we keep projecting it "out there".

The outside is the inside. So then we get the experience of powerlessness and darkness, which is really the only way the darkness is frightening-- we've disowned our own power and thrown it at the darkness.

The reason it keeps happening "out there" is because we keep denying we are that also. The part IS the whole. Pretending to play apart. a part. But we are not apart, though we play a part.

When we support aspects of self that we've denied, we realize we are whole individuals.

When we support other individuals as being God Also, as being IS, as being All That Is, and allow them to be whatever they're being because we recognize they are also gods and goddesses just like us doing their own thing and exploring their own choices, we reaffirm their wholeness and their ability/ power instead of being in judgment/ resistance, which allows everything to transform. Not because we were trying to change them-- because we're recognizing them as one of us.

Microcosm, macrocosm, same, same.

But we can't change it if we don't become aware of it (that's why it gets so big!) and then own it.

Any and all of the grand myths, stories and dramas can be used in this way-- made practical, here/ now/ self, "keeping it real" -- understood within personal experience and therefore no need to project it out onto the big screen, so to speak. Some of our stories we really enjoy, but others we SAY we'd rather not have in our world, on our planet, in our universe.

We are well practiced in keeping things like that separated out from who we are, but they're not really separate, and wherever one side of the polarity exists, the other side does as well. It's all One thing. And it matters not what everybody else is doing, because we're all gods and goddesses and we know exactly what we're doing, even if we don't think we do. Nobody needs to be helped, fixed, saved, or healed-- look to own self, own IS. All That Is is support, for everything that is. It just says YES.


How do we know when we've integrated? What others are doing becomes a no-thing, it matters not. Value self, value the 'dark side'. No resistance, only options, choices on the buffet.

All props are neutral-- how do we use them, how do we choose to look at them? It's a mirror, so what you put into them is what you get out of them.

This is why it's not a "head in the sand" thing-- if I'm placing a negative definition on something in my experience, and then hiding from it, that's a totally different energy dynamic and creates a totally different reality than if I'm choosing to see the props in a beneficial way and making my choices according to my own preference. Are we seeing that?

And that is why when we say we've changed, the reality usually still reflects back the same things in the same ways-- it is that energy dynamic, that choice of how to look at a neutral prop, how does this serve me, oh yes it reaffirms my decision of preference.

I can take the opportunity to reaffirm my value, and my choice. I can choose to look at it as an excuse for self-invalidation. I can do whatever I want with it in my definitions. I am always supported in these decisions. I can transform "stumbling blocks" into stepping stones or even launch pads, reaffirming my excitement and taking action as such, being that idea.

All props have these options like potentials lying dormant and waiting to spring into action .. if we choose to see them that way. If we choose to see OURSELVES that way. "This serves me beneficially because I say so."


Posts: 137
Joined: Sun Nov 22, 2015 6:22 pm
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Re: The Dark and the Light

Postby Beth » Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:44 pm

~ * ~

The funny thing about tapping into all of this wisdom years ago is that I would be so clear and so 'high' from that truth resonance, and then turn around and look at my reality and go "AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!" and want to run screaming down the hall! It was as if every negatively-charged prop was advancing on me with arm raised going "pick me, pick me!" to accept within myself and transform-- all of them at once! --but/ and bombarding myself with that sort of experience was just completely overwhelming. I hadn't integrated the information, I still felt there were a thousand and one things wrong with me, and my reality, and was still denying half of it to myself in order to just to try to keep my head above water.

No disrespect to that 'past' self-- she/ I did the best she/ I could, and all things told, did a pretty fabulous job of keeping chin up and 'fighting the good fight' while the surround was waging the war of anti-me.

But, and, that's the whole point, is that the surround is not separate-- it was ME waging the war of anti-me, and the more I blamed myself for things not working out the way I wanted, the worse it got, of course. It wasn't lessons I needed to learn nor a conflict with what the 'Higher Self' wanted or that I was missing profound keys of wisdom. It was simply that I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing in the moment. The judgments, 'negative charges', of self and surround, slid right past me while I was looking everywhere else except to this me right here and right now. I didn't need to be some greater me. I just needed to notice what I was doing.

And own the power/ ability I already had. The choice. The "out there" does not exist separately from me, doing its own thing no matter what I do. It is a reflection of my own definitions and deepest expectations. It has everything to do with my choices.

The present is the point of power. It's less likely to be overwhelming if we take everything that doesn't apply to now and set it aside. Approach things one thing at a time. One now at a time.

Everything serves me beneficially because I say so. How does this one thing/ scenario right in front of my nose serve me, exactly as it is? And even if I don't know, I could still assume it serves a beneficial purpose even if I can't see what that is yet. That takes the 'negative charge' right off of there, releases the resistance so that it can transform into something more preferable, ( = ) so that ~I~ can transform into a more preferable experience, because I already just did. By using that old prop in a new way. By changing the definition of what it is, and who/ what I am.

Every little bit we do that can help to convince ourselves, so that eventually even things that had looked really daunting can be owned as self, seen as choice, and used beneficially.

All of that overwhelm, though I didn't see it that way at the time, was just showing me the great extent of value and power I really had. One could say all of those props, those 'parts' of myself, WERE jumping up and down yelling "pick me!" -- because ~I~ wanted clarity and freedom and value and choice, the surround (also me) wanted the same thing. Every 'dark' scenario presenting itself in that way can get bigger, because it wants our attention, because we want our attention! "This is something that we're saying we want to transform, notice, notice!"

"This is a 'part' of ourself..." ( lol along with the new renaissance is the new grammar-- ourself-- we are one. ) "This is a 'part' of ourself that we want to own! quit trying to send it to Siberia this is US! this is aspect of self, this is facet of All That Is, this has value." We could own it. We could get curious about it. We could choose how to look at it, turn it over in our hands and in our minds and see it from many directions. We could pick the point of view that sings to us.

If it sounds too overwhelming to be paying attention to all of what we're doing all the time we can do as suggests and simply pay attention to how we're feeling-- yucky being not in alignment with who we are and wonderful being in alignment. Abraham's method of "moving up the stick" can be another way to say the same idea of shifting definitions.


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